Using a teamwork CRM for projects 

When working on a project, communication is one of the critical elements that define its success. Internal projects can prove difficult enough. When a project involves clients and stakeholders from external parties, effective communication becomes challenging. Using a client communication tool to help you manage the process, can help turn your project into a well-oiled machine. Let’s look at the benefits of using a teamwork CRM product for your client projects. 

Project benefits of using a teamwork CRM 

Information Easily Accessible

Projects are temporary by nature, making time one of their pivotal pressures. The ability to gain a quick progress overview is a feature of any good project teamwork platform and can save precious hours.

Investing in a system with a centralized design is key to efficient knowledge management. Having your files, issue logs, project calendars and update logs in one place creates a single repository of information. Acting as an enabler for accurate and accessible overviews, helping stakeholders identify when project milestones and key performance targets are reached.

A User-Centred System Creates Efficiency 

Using a tool designed with the user as its focal point is critical. A user-centred system means you spend less time training staff and clients. Setting the tone for your project, with users feeling enabled to leverage the system’s capabilities and increase their efficiency, rather than become overwhelmed by it. You can also expect less time spent on communicating and seeking support from the software supplier, enhancing the efficiency of your project’s timeline.

Enhances Cross-Departmental Communication and Customer Experience 

Departmental silos often lead to confusion and disparity in ownership of tasks. A project communication tool allows you to configure dedicated cross-team channels. These improve dynamic task allocation as well as create a centralized timeline in a clear view of multiple departments.

The centralized knowledge base means information can be accessed and distributed with ease. Customized channels accommodate each of your project’s relevant departments, as well as your clients. Giving clients the freedom to conveniently request and receive information dynamically as the project progresses.

Reduced Implications of Risk 

Thanks to enhanced cross-departmental communication, the development of documentation is easily shared. This allows contracts and legal obligations to be passed between various teams, laying a firm understanding of the project’s boundaries from the get-go.

Legal and governance departments can be a part of multiple channels, helping you quickly flag any possible issues or discrepancies that could arise unknowingly within other departments. With communication and documentation shared within the CRM, the organization can use this as an audit trail. This will help boost efficiency when the time comes for project auditing and governance.


It’s clear to see that a great company’s CRM can significantly enhance the experience your organization and client have during a project. Need a teamwork CRM or client communication tool? Watch this space for our future CRM recommendations.