Benefits of Using WordPress to Build Your Website

If you’re looking to launch a website or blog, you might be considering using WordPress. With WordPress powering roughly 40% of the web it’s safe to say that it’s a powerful tool in the right hands. This article will give you the low down on some great benefits that come with building your website in WordPress.

Use Plugins to Improve your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is big business. With a well optimised website you’ll be able to passively attract new leads to your website. Most business owners are busy with their own line of work and don’t have time to learn SEO.

SEO Plugins such as Yoast are excellent ways for non-technical users to address their search engine presence. They are able to make sure the articles they write are considered SEO friendly, and at least target a primary keyword. 

Traditionally when making a website, sitemasters would need to add signals such as meta titles and optimise a web page by hand with a HTML document. Now it’s as simple as installing the plugin then optimising posts using the plugins recommendations. 

You can enter a primary keyword and Yoast has a traffic light system to tell you how well you have targeted that keyword. It gives you suggestions which allow you to understand how to improve the SEO friendliness of your page (see example below). 

Engage with your Audience

By using the comment functionality you give your readers an opportunity to engage with your content. This is a great way to get feedback on the quality of your work and take suggestions on board for how you can improve it. 

It’s also a brilliant way to build a community around your blog. By responding to the comments you receive on your articles you’re showing readers that their opinions matter to you. A WordPress example comment shows how you will be notified of new comments:

Whether you use the comment functionality to get ideas for new content, encourage cross-channel engagement or just stop by once in a while to say Hi, it’s a really powerful part of WordPress’s functionality.

Manage Your Team

The great thing about using WordPress is that you don’t have to go through the burden of running the website by yourself. No matter how big or small your team is, you’re able to create a team of users and assign them the permissions they require to do their job.

Permissions are important. If you have a team of writers, you probably don’t want them to be able to perform the tasks you can. 

Using the WordPress documentation below, you can familiarise yourself with the roles of each user group.

Just head over to the users section and create a new user. You will then be presented with the form below which will allow you to define all the details you need and create a new user account. You can then present your team members with their login details and they’ll be ready to go.

Save Time with Custom Themes

Building a website can feel overwhelming and one of the biggest worries is design, but fear not. Just because you’re building a website doesn’t mean you need a Computer Science degree. On WordPress you’re able to tap into the expertise of thousands of developers who have already built beautiful looking themes.

This means that you can spend more time creating content and focusing on marketing and less time worrying about making the site look pretty.

The best bit is that there’s thousands of themes available for free, and if you ever outgrow the theme you choose and want extra customisations there’s often an option to buy a premium version with more features.

The screenshot below shows that I’ve searched specifically for themes designed for blogs, but there’s so many choices available. Whether you’re building an e-commerce store or a small home run business you’ll find a theme to suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it! WordPress is one of the best content management systems around and we’re sure you’re going to love using it as much as we do. Thinking of making the jump to WordPress? Let us know in the comments section below!